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Mention about「Nagoya Erotic Guide」
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I want to have fun with a cheaper lady!
We responded to such customer feedback.
That is the quality benefits of “Sexy Girl”.
* Nominating a lady by name will be a separate charge*.

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キイ (21)
157cm 87(D)-57-87

マフユ (20)
154cm 85(C)-57-85

ナオ (23)
158cm 92(F)-56-86

ハヤテ (21)
162cm 93(G)-57-86

カエデ (24)
158cm 88(E)-56-87

ユイ (23)
162cm 92(F)-57-87

アユ (21)
159cm 87(D)-57-87

カナエ (20)
158cm 86(C)-57-86

サナ (24)
157cm 88(E)-57-87

ユメカ (23)
158cm 86(D)-57-86

サキ (22)
154cm 85(C)-57-86

ナナカ (20)
151cm 84(B)-57-87

リイナ (25)
156cm 85(C)-57-86

ミミ (20)
159cm 87(D)-57-86

チイ (26)
157cm 85(C)-57-87